Racist Filipinos

Everytime Filipinos see a black person, they’d think they’re criminals. Whenever they see a person with a berka or a turban, they’d think they’re terrorists. Whenever they see a white person they’d think they’re filthy rich. That doesn’t really sets Filipinos apart from other countries as I’m sure every country has their racists, but if you live among them it really gets in your nerves and makes you weep for your countrymen.

My mom told me not to taunt people with their physical appearances (I’m guilty for calling my dark-skinned and curly-haired classmates back in elementary as, Itas or Aetas) but I guesss she meant not to their faces because when I was a kid, my mother would threaten to sell me to “bumbays” (Indians) if I misbehave. She’d also tell me that I look like an “egoy” (Filipino equivalent of ‘nigger’) and smell like a Mexican after getting myself dirty from playing under the sun. I’m sure she only meant for those as jokes but, who would tell those words to a child? For years I’ve been frightened by the sight of women in berkas or men in turbans whenever we go to Quiapo, more so with black people because my mom would pull me away and hold me tighter whenever we come across them. I don’t know why my mom would think that way, but I can assume that it was because she was raised to believe those things. I was also raised around that racist attitude and believed that there was nothing wrong with it until I discovered the internet and Western entertainment.

People in my household never taught me anything about racism and they don’t tell you jack shit about it in school as well. They teach you “values” (useless fucking subject) but nothing more than what your family could talk to you about. I don’t even have to go outside the country to talk about racism since people here would talk shit about Bisayas, Cebuanos, Ilokanos, Manilenyos, etc.; we are racists among each other already and that’s mosty because we were raised to believe that way or we see it often around us that we’d think it’s right. Sometimes think I’m in the Southern parts of the US back in the 17th century or something; how backwards can Filipinos really be?

Sometimes on Facebook I’d see some Filipinos commenting on videos with black people in it and they would laugh or insult and call them “nigger” because what? They’ve heard it in some song or some movie and thought it was alright and “cool” to do so because Filipinos love Americans (foreign white people to be exact) and they’ve heard them say that word. Whenever other people would come to the resuce and lecture them about saying “nigger” the Filipino in question would react in a child-like manner and go, “whatever nigger” or something along the lines of that. Aside from being racists, they can’t even take the blame and admit that they were in the wrong. Oh but if some foreigner insults Filipinos they’d go batshit crazy over it and the whole Filipino race would demand an apology; what are they like five?

That’s why if some white person say that Filipinos were hospitable people during their stay in the Philippines, I’d just laugh and tell them to be black then come back again for a different experience.

3 thoughts on “Racist Filipinos

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    • I believe so. If you can’t judge a person beyond what their appearance say their race is, it’s racist.

      How’s a “true blue” Pinoy identified anyway? Their birth certificate? Blood status? Appearance? Values? Dr. Jose Rizal surely ain’t a full-blooded Filipino but he’s recognised as one of the country’s national heroes.

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